João Cruz Ribeiro

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Investigador (com bolsa)

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Teoria Política


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I am a Ph.D. candidate working on the Political Theory of the European Union. My research aims at understanding how helpful can the Neo-republican normative program be to the debate about European Union Citizenship. This is developed in two streams: the first depart from the assumption that the legal dimension of EU Citizenship is over-stretched; it then considers which implications should be withdrawn in that respect from a normative Neo-republican perspective. The second intends to assess whether the European Court of Justice’s judicial review can work according to this normative program and still remain compatible with democratic legitimacy requirements.
I have previously pursued legal studies (Law School, University of Porto) and received a Master in European Legal Studies from the College of Europe – Bruges. More recently, I have been enrolled in the Master in Political Philosophy, at Instituto de Letras e Ciências Humanas (University of Minho).
Research interests: Political Theory of the European Union; Theories of Justice; Neo-republicanism; EU law