Stefano Calboli

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Investigador (com bolsa)

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Teoria Política


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Stefano Calboli is currently a PhD candidate at the CEPS (University of Minho). His research is funded by the FCT (reference UID/04952/2020) and focuses on how the cognitive biases and nudges typically discussed within behavioral economics, shape moral choices. His research interests lie in nudge theory, moral psychology, evidence-based policymaking, and, more recently, social robotics. 
Prior to starting his research at the CEPS, he obtained a PhD in Basic Science and Applications at the Department of Pure and Applied Sciences of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo, with a thesis whereby he approaches the topic of whistleblowing through the lens of cognitive science and nudge theory.  
Afterward, he was Teaching Assistant in “Philosophy of mind” at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo and held a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Pure and Applied Sciences of the same university. As a postdoc researcher, he carried on a research within the field of social robotics that draws on moral psychology, entitled “Dehumanizations and Self-Dehumanizations Lurk. The Moral Consequences of Interactions with Uncanny Robots”.
Throughout his research activities, Stefano has been a visiting scholar and guest lecturer at the University of Denver and the University of Macau.