João Cardoso Rosas

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Professional category:
Prof. Associado

Research group(s):
Teoria Política


Phone: +351 253 604 175

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Universidade do Minho
Instituto de Letras e Ciências Humanas, Gabinete 2001
Campus de Gualtar
4710-057 Braga

Short bionote:

I have taught for many years mainly in Political Philosophy and connected disciplines, including the History of Social and Political Ideas, Contemporary Political Ideologies, Philosophy of Human Rights, and Normative and Applied Ethics. I have supervised Masters’ students, PhD students and post-docs in these fields, and several of them now hold academic positions in Portugal, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Brazil, Spain, and the United Kingdom.
My first research interest was the political thought of Karl Popper and other liberal thinkers from the 20th century. Later, I focused on the study of the idea of "political liberalism" and, afterwards, on the theory of justice developed by the "first" Rawls and his libertarian and communitarian critics. More recently, I have been particularly interested in the analysis of the left-right ideological divide and, over recent years, my work has turned to the study of the history and philosophy of human rights. I edited and authored several books and I published many articles and chapters of books, most of which in line with these basic interests.
I also have been interested in fostering the role of learned societies in consolidating a national community of researchers dealing with politics and political ideas. As a consequence, I have often served in different capacities, including as Chair of the Portuguese Political Science Association and as Chair of the Portuguese Philosophical Society.
Furthermore, I have been involved in the creation of several degree programmes at the University of Minho, including the recent MA in Political Philosophy. At UMinho, I also have been active in the creation of research structures. In 2008, I established the Political Theory Group and, in 2017, I founded, with my research fellows in this group, the Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society.

Research interests:

Theories of justice, doctrinal pluralism, political ideologies, human rights, issues in the history of modern political philosophy.


2001: Doctorate in Political Theory, European University Institute (Florence)

1990: MA in Social and Political Philosophy, University of Porto

1985: BA in Philosophy, University of Porto

Professional experience:

2009-present: Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy of the University of Minho

2001-2009: Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy of the University of Minho

2001: Michael Teague Visiting Professor - Brown University

Institutional positions:

2020-present: Director of the Centre for Ethcis, Politics and Society

2016-2019: Dean of the Institute of Arts and Humanities

2013-2017: President of the Portuguese Philosophical Society

2010-2012: President of the Portuguese Political Science Association